Honda Crv

2012 Honda CR-V EX-L 4dr SUV w/Rear Entertainment (2.4L 4cyl 5A)

I love my white 2012 CR-V. Had it pinstriped in red/black and it looks awesome! We had a 2007, wow how the car has improved! Have had the car since January 2012, and have not experienced one problem. We are getting 30.2 mpg in mixed driving, love the backup mirror, this car is simply FUN to drive. It will be a keeper for a long time! Read the full review

We wrote a review just after purchase about a year ago and were extremely happy with the CR-V. However, several months ago it developed a rattle inside the rear seat in the headrest supports. They ordered a "part to fix it, but it didnt fix it. Its most irritating, but to fix it will require "opening up" the rear seatback. The opposite side headrest in the same seat does not rattle. I think the headrest support hardware inside the seat may just have some loose screws, but the service manager has been waiting a week for Honda to OK opening up the seat to fix it. If they wont fix it, it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. The rest of the vehicle is of very nice quality. Read the full review

We have made 2 long trips along with the normal day-to-day driving. This is a near perfect car for us. While there is only 2 of us, we many times have 5 people in the the car. Everyone is comfortable in this car. Rear view camera turns out to be a nice convenience. The big disappointment is the rear hatch. Once it is open it is very difficult to close. There is not an option for an electric closer. You must reach fairly high in the air to grab the open door and if you have any type of shoulder or arm problem (I do) then you can not close the hatch. A car like this should have an electric closer. This is a big oversight. Read the full review

My girlfriend bought a 2012 CRV LX 2WD last summer. Ive been driving it recently so I decided to share my experience. The CRV is comfortable and easy to drive. The seats are supportive and very comfortable. The engine provides adequate power and the transmission shifts are smooth. The brakes work well and stops are confident. The CRV handles reasonably well but the steering is somewhat disconnected. For most people its fine. Visibility out the front and sides are good but the rear window is very small and the visibility out the rear is terrible. Fortunately the back up camera is standard on all models. The sound system is good. Were getting 27-29 mpg in mixed rural driving. Read the full review

Generally, I like the car. I see only one problem with it, mileage per gallon. On city/highway combined it makes 21 MPG, about the same as my 2006 RAV4. Economy mode doesnt do any good, just slows down the acceleration. Unfortunately, fuel economy is a big selling point, and its disappointing. Other than that, its nice car. Read the full review

Cruise control drops up to 8 mph going up a hill and gains that much going down. Dealer says the 15 mph speed variation is "normal and within guidelines". I have been driving with cruise controls since they were introduced and have never seen dramatic fluctuations like this even when the technology was new. It is too bad that Honda finds this acceptable. Side window fogs making it difficult or impossible to see side mirror. Defroster doesnt help. Seems to be a design flaw particularly in humid climates. Heater works great unfortunately I live in the south and the air conditioner is not adequate on hot days. We thought we were buying a car that we could keep for years. So disappointed. Read the full review

After listening to my mechanic husband constantly moan and complain abt working on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and seeing both my kids drive their used Hondas for well over 100,000 miles with little or no problems, I gave in and bought the Honda CRV. I have to admit..I love it !!! I test drove many other vehicles in the same class and no one comes close to Honda for standard options, reliability and price for what you get. I got mine in the Urban Titanium Metallic and black leather interior and it is VERY sharp looking. I get many compliments on the color. The thing I appreciate the most is the handling, very tight steering, the ride is smooth, big open windshield, gas mileage is great !! Read the full review

This is my first Honda and I love it. I test drove a lot of cars 6 months ago and narrowed it down to 2, the CRV and the equinox. Id driven the Equinox on a long road trip so I knew well how it handled. I ended up with the Honda as it felt better sitting inside, more open. Also, I loved that it had more cargo room. After 6 mo. of driving Im still extremely happy with the car. I have 15,000 mi on it so far, and no issues. I drive both city, highway and mountains. I average between 28 - 31 mpg driving about 70 mph. Less if Im doing street driving only (22 - 24). My 62" husband can sit and drive comfortably.